RONDAS (RIME Online Database Application System) is a web application which uses a simple, user friendly interface to provide access to RIME’s credit reporting services. It allows authorized clients to log on to their personalized secure accounts, from where they may place on-line orders for credit reports. The credit reports can be downloaded to the client’s own PC fast and simple in an array of available formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word, and HTML.

RONDAS also provides gateway access to RIME’s internal database via which access can be granted via the RONDAS Web Services. All the tasks that can be performed using the graphical user interface may also be performed using the gateway and they both utilize the same underlying Web Services. The credit reports downloaded via the gateway are supplied to the client in the established XML format which the client may utilize to present the information in their own proprietary formats.

The application was developed using ASP.NET, utilizing all the advanced features and security that this technology provides. Communication between the client module and the main application takes place using Web Services.


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