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Rime’s Business (Credit) Information Reports (BIR) are high quality commercial profiles on enterprises within our region. Our rigorous quality control procedures ensure that the intelligence contained in the BIR is accurate and up-to-date. Additionally, the report is structured in a way to maximise clarity.

How do we capture the requisite data?

  • Locally employed correspondents in Rime offices throughout the region. Wherever possible our correspondents will visit the offices of the subject company and obtain relevant information from appropriate senior company personnel.
  • A network of regional contacts, sources and business associates built up over the past 13 years. We continue to establish further data sources, in order to maximise the depth of our information.
  • Public records and published accounts.
  • Local and international media/internet search.
  • Affiliations with local government authorities

What do our reports contain?

Our reports will be structured to include the following information;

  • Legal status and history
  • date of establishment/incorporation
  • official company name, legal status, registration number
  • registered address, contact details
  • affiliated companies, changes of ownership
  • Ownership and management
  • capital structure, shareholdings
  • shareholder, director and main principal details
  • Operations
  • business activities and locations
  • description of premises, major equipment
  • number of employees
  • main suppliers, main customers
  • Financials
  • bankers, registered mortgages/charges
  • balance sheets, P&L a/cs
  • financial & non-financial ratios
  • industry sector comparatives/rankings
  • detrimental data
  • Credit appraisal
  • credit & rating opinion
  • interviewer’s comments & recommendations

The depth and availability of information presented will depend on the type of entity and the relevant legislation in its country of location. If any client has a query on any of the contents of the report we will normally respond within 48 hours.

Rime Online Database "RONDAS"

Clients have 24 hour access to our user-friendly on-line database, ‘RONDAS’, which contains over 300,000 companies within our geographical region. RONDAS allows our clients to download existing database reports and/or order fresh investigation reports. Our usual level of service is 3 or 5 days.

Reports are delivered in Word, PDF, Editable or RTF format, XML.


Our fees for the BIR are very competitive. Special rates are available for volume business.

You can pay in a variety of ways:

  • Pre-paid subscription
  • Monthly Invoice
  • Online with a charge card.

Add-on services

In addition to the comprehensive information contained in the BIR and upon the request of a client we can undertake the following supplementary services to the core BIR product.

  • Registry Report
  • Site visit/photographs
  • Official Company Documents
  • Customised monitoring reports

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