RIME undertakes screening services that are flexible to meet strict client requirements. We check the integrity and credentials of potential employees. We tailor solutions to your particular needs which help mitigate the risk of operational losses that can result from bad recruiting.

Why screen?

Effective screening minimizes potential threats to your company as well as the cost of employing unsuitable candidates on the basis of falsified CVs. It also reduces the risk of fraud and dishonesty within your organisation. Ineffective background screening can impact dramatically on bottom-line performance in terms of:
  • underperformance by people who have lied or exaggerated qualifications/experience
  • high staff turnover resulting in increased recruiting and training costs
  • impact on operational performance and corporate reputation
  • internal theft and fraud

Some disturbing facts:

  • according to a MORI report, 7.5 million of the UK’s
    25.3 million working population have lied on their CV
  • following the launch of the UK’s Security Industry Authority’s licensing scheme,
    more than 20,000 job offers were withdrawn following background checks.
  • 33% of employers do not have time to carry out
    effective verification checks on new staff
  • in the GCC countries it is estimated that only 65% of
    employers request references from past employers and
    only 35% check them
  • according to Ernst & Young’s 8th Global Fraud Survey,
    85% of serious fraud is committed by a company’s own staff

What about your organisation?

  • How would your good name and reputation be affected if one of your
    employees were exposed as a fraud?
  • Have you an employee working in a role requiring particular
    qualifications or experience who has lied on his/her CV?
  • What is your organisation’s potential liability if things go wrong?

Investing in our screening services is a small price to pay for peace of mind

Our screening approach

  • a flexible package to meet the needs of both smaller clients making periodic one-off screenings and the large corporate client wanting to outsource a full pre-employment screening service
  • a complete suite of screening services ranging from basic employee verification checks through to a full, comprehensive screening programme, involving more in-depth investigatory tasks (usually for senior and/or trusted positions)
  • a dedicated relationship consultant is provided for every client-large or small. We will keep you  appraised of the progress of our work on a regular basis and immediately inform you of any key issues which arise
  • we prepare a detailed report for each screening request. This can be formatted to your particular requirements if necessary and it will be supplemented with all the essential documentary evidence.
  • where the client needs the information within a very tight schedule we can adapt our programme accordingly; but it must be emphasised that we are, in some areas, dependent on the response time of third parties.

Components of screening checks

The main components of our checks are:

    Career history verification
    Confirms dates, position, title, responsibilities and reasons for leaving employment

    Employment references
    Collates information on job performance, productivity, attitude, skills and attendance record. This report will be limited by the information forthcoming from the referee, but our researchers are well-trained and experienced interviewers who will elicit as much information as possible

    Academic / Professional qualifications verification
    Confirms dates of attendance, examination results and degree/ professional qualifications received from the educational institution/professional body and verifies membership of latter

    Character references/non-employment periods Verifies the applicant’s personal references. We will question referees to build up a comprehensive image of the applicant’s character. Additionally, we will question supplied referees when there is a gap in his/her career history or when self-employed
    Criminal and financial background checks

    Investigates potential criminal activities and credit history.

    In some countries there are laws which guide the circumstances where such reports can or cannot be obtained. Where we are unable to perform a search we will inform the client.


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