Rime can verify the registration of vessels on the Official Merchant Shipping Registries of both Cyprus and Malta. We can inspect and obtain all relevant information in the register pertaining to a particular vessel.

  • Registration authenticity
  • Particulars of vessel
  • Ownership of vessel
  • Encumbrances against vessel (if any)

When requested we can also obtain and provide you with an actual transcript of the information.

Eligibility for Registration


A vessel may be registered in Cyprus if more than 50% of the shares of the ship are owned by:

  • a Cypriot
  • a corporation established under and in accordance with the laws of Cyprus and having its registered office in Cyprus
  • a corporation incorporated outside Cyprus in which the controlling interest is vested in Cypriots, if specially authorized by the Council of Ministers of Cyprus.


A vessel may be registered in Malta if it is wholly owned by Maltese citizens or by a corporation established under the laws of Malta and having its registered office in Malta.


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