Middle East - Egypt



Country Profile:

Egypt, best known for its pyramids and ancient civilisations, has the largest population in the Arab world. The rapidly growing population, limited arable land and dependence on the Nile delta have combined to overtax resources. The government, with the assistance of considerable US foreign aid, has recently been making huge investments in promoting economic reform and in improving internal telecommunication and infrastructure. Egypt is a presidential republic, with the current president, Hosmi Mubarak, being one of the longest serving leaders in the world.

Main Trade Partners:

Germany, Spain, Italy, China, UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, Syria

Main Industries:

Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Media, Tourism, Textiles, Construction, Food Processing, Information Technology


81,713,517 (July 2008 CIA World Factbook est.)


1,001,450 sq. km.


404.0 bn. (2007 IMF est.)

GDP Real Growth Rate:

7.1% (2007 CIA World Factbook est.)

GDP per Head:

$5,491 (2007 IMF est.)

GDP per Sector:

Services 45.1%, Industry 41.1%, Agriculture 13.8% (2007 CIA World Factbook est.)

Stock Market Capitalisation:

$93.48 bn. (2006 CIA World Factbook)

Exchange Rate:

1 Egyptian Pound = 0.185 US$ (September 2008) 1 US$ = 5.419 Egyptian Pounds

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