Middle East - Yemen



Country Profile:

The Republic of Yemen was formally founded in 1990 upon the unification of North Yemen and South Yemen. Reputedly the home of the Queen of Sheba, it is one of the poorest countries in the Arab world. Its economic fortunes depend on declining oil resources but it is trying to diversify its earnings. In 2006 Yemen began an economic reform programme, assisted by World Bank funding, to bolster its non-oil sectors and to attract foreign investment. Yemen is a republic currently headed by its president, Al. Abdullah Saleh.

Main Trade Partners:

China, S. Korea, Thailand, Brazil, India, , UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA

Main Industries:

Oil & Gas, Ship Repair, Food Processing, Cement


23,013,376 (July 2008 est.)


527,970 sq. km.


52.1 bn. (2007 IMF est.)

GDP Real Growth Rate:

3.1% (2007 CIA World Factbook est.)

GDP per Capita:

$2,335 (2007 IMF est.)

GDP per Sector:

Services 46.2%, Industry 41.5%, Agriculture 12.3% (2007 est.)

Stock Market Capitalisation:


Exchange Rate:

1 Yemeni Rial = 0.005 US$ (September 2008)
1 US$ = 200.55 Yemeni Rials

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