Who We Are

RIME was established in 1986 as a regional provider of business intelligence in the Middle East, North Africa and Mediterranean region, producing Business Information Reports and Due Diligence Investigations.

Owned by individuals with a background in Market Research, AI, Data Science and Media, RIME is at the forefront of data analytics, transforming data to information, reports and analysis.

RIME owns complete rights to our High-End database system (RONDAS) allowing for flexibility, API connections and company linkages. We consider our database to be the most updated and relevant database in the regions we cover. This is due to our years in the industry, regional presence, and client base.


What We Do


RIME Business Information Reports are accredited and entrusted by the world’s leading Trade Credit Insurance Companies, Export Credit Agencies, Financial Institutions and many more.


Combining multi-layer research and languages gives us the clarity needed to report accurately and impartially uncovering key connections and possible red flags.


We combine Local human intelligence with commercial registration datainterviews with company officialsopensource web information as well as our own critical thinking to process our reports.

Business Decision Tool

Report contents, ratings and credit recommendations act as a tool used by professionals to help make informed creditcompliance, and business strategy decisions.

Who We Sell To

Our clients come from a diverse range of organisations and regions such as: 

  • Credit Insurance Companies
  • Export Credit Agencies
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Corporate Entities
  • International Banks
  • Trade Associations
  • Financial Institutions
  • Collection Agencies
  • Legal Firms
  • Exporters / Importers
  • Business Information Resellers

Keep in Touch


  +357 22-768662

  8 Vasiliou Voulgaroktonou
Politis Newspaper Building
Nicosia 1010, Cyprus