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We have a multi-disciplinary team spread across our Cyprus headquarters and our various offices in the Middle East, North Africa and Mediterranean. These experienced, multi-language professionals are supplemented by an extensive and proven network of associates in many parts of the world. So, wherever your investigatory requirements are situated, we can deliver.

Our network extends far beyond our immediate team, encompassing trusted associates in key locations worldwide. This network ensures that regardless of where your investigatory needs lie, we have the capabilities to deliver. Whether it's conducting thorough research, navigating complex legal landscapes, or understanding cultural nuances, we possess the resources and expertise to meet and exceed your expectations. Trust us to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific requirements, no matter where in the world they may be.
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For more information, contact Graham Thomas at the RIME International Due Diligence HQ in Cyprus

Our Services


Background Checks & Searches

Thorough investigations revealing financial, legal, and professional history.

Reputational/Integrity DD Investigations

Assessments identifying risks and integrity concerns.

Regulatory/KYC Investigations

Compliance-focused inquiries ensuring regulatory adherence and risk assessment.

Employment Background Screening

Verifying qualifications and histories for hiring decisions.

Litigation Support

Providing evidence and analysis for legal proceedings.
Key Features

Asset Tracing

Tracking and identifying asset ownership and movements

Site Visits & Address Verification & Photos

On-site inspections and address verification with photographic evidence.

IP/Brand Protection Probes

Protecting intellectual property rights and brand integrity

Insurance Claim Verifications

Validating insurance claim accuracy and preventing fraud.

Local Media & Internet Searches

Comprehensive searches in multiple languages for relevant information.

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